Baby Sign Language

SignShine Baby Sign Language – Communication Made Easy

It is 3 a.m. Your baby is sobbing and you have tried everything to make it stop. Nothing is working and you don’t know what is wrong with your baby.

It can be incredibly frustrating for every parent so what can be done to fix it? This is where SignShine baby sign language can help.

Etel Leit introduced this sign language for babies in 2005 to enable babies as young as six months old to communicate their needs with their parents, which means they don’t need to cry.

Thanks to SignShine baby sign language, your baby will be able to tell you when they are cold or hot, when they feel hungry or full and when they just want to be hugged. This means that parents don’t have to try feeding the baby, rocking them to sleep or something else in order to figure out what’s wrong with them. SignShine makes use of various interactive tools such as games, books and rhymes to help children in learning the American Sign Language.

One of the biggest benefits of SignShine is that it can be used for babies as well as older children and even adults. In fact, SignShine baby sign language has also come in handy for helping children with special needs such as autism and cerebral palsy in communicating. Whether it is parents, teachers or psychologists, SignShine makes it easy for them to communicate with preverbal children and fulfilling their needs and demands accordingly. It is a lifesaver for caregivers and children alike.